How A Rubbermaid Spatula Saved My Life

rubbermaid spatula

When people ask me why I love my Rubbermaid spatula so much, I usually just tell them the regular stuff: it’s a high quality, heat resistant spatula of the spoonula or scraper variety, really great for stirring things around in a hot pan, and the flat, flexible blade (which is made from silicone, not rubber) is great for getting every last bit of soup, sauce or batter from any pot or bowl. It also comes in 3 sizes, and if you get it from the right place, it’s pretty cheap, too. What I don’t always tell people, because I don’t like to humblebrag, is that it can also come in handy when trying to defend yourself and your family from a deranged maniac out of his mind on bath salts and wielding a hot clothes iron.

It Started Out Like Any Normal Afternoon…

It was Saturday afternoon, and I was in the kitchen, listening to some pleasant music and doing some cooking. I had mixed up some instant cupcake batter, and I used the curved edge of my Rubbermaid high-heat scraper to make sure I got all the batter out of the bowl and into the cupcake liners. I put them in the oven, rinsed off the spatula and went to work sauteing some onions and mushrooms for spaghetti sauce.

I was feeling pretty good, stirring my food around in the hot pan with the spatula, enjoying the fragrant aromas rising up as the veggies softened up in the butter. The onions were just getting translucent when I heard something that made my stomach jump into my throat: my wife, in the next room over, unleashed a blood curdling scream!

rubbermaid spatula close up

OMFG – Maniac In The House!!!!

Running into the living room, I was shocked to find that my wife had been ironing my clothes. She never does that, so I just about fell down from shock. But before I could, I noticed there was a man in his underwear standing in the doorway leading out into the hallway. He had a crazy look on his face, and was looking at my wife as if she were a delicious sandwich. He licked his lips and started walking towards her. She screamed again.

For a moment I was frozen. It just seemed too unreal, like something out of a bad dream. But I realized I had to act, and act quickly. I ran between my wife and the maniac. He lunged at me, and we tumbled to the ground. As we grappled, and my wife screamed, I felt him bite me on the shoulder and I wondered if he would be biting me if my home wasn’t full of the mouthwatering aroma of sauteed onions.

There was a repeating slapping sound, and it dawned on me that not only was I still gripping the Rubbermaid spatula, I was also hitting him with it. Given the Rubbermaid’s high quality design with just the right amount of firmness and flexibility for cooking your favorite dishes without scratching your cookware, it was a very ineffectual attack. I changed tactics and jabbed the handle into his eye.

rubbermaid high heat spatula

Good Thing It’s A High-Heat Scraper

The psychopath jumped up, screaming and clutching his bloody eye socket. Never taking my eye off of him, I got to my feet and assessed the situation. Meanwhile, my wife was standing off to the side, still screaming her head off.

I think the crazy, half-naked guy and I noticed the burning fabric smell at the same time. We both looked over at the ironing board, where my favorite dress shirt was now beginning to smoke from the hot iron that was on it. I tried to run over and grab it, but he was closer than I was, and got his hand on the handle before I could. He lifted it up and grinned. He now had the upper hand.

rubbermaid spatula handle

He immediately began menacing me with it. We circled each other, him with a dangerously hot iron, and me with a seemingly innocuous but already proven Rubbermaid spatula. When he lunged at me and tried to burn my face, I knew I was in big trouble.

Fortunately, the Rubbermaid high-heat scraper is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit! My wife had been ironing cotton garments, which require heat about a hundred degrees less than that, and that’s probably what saved my life.

I quickly put the spatula up between my face and the iron. I heard a sizzling noise as he pushed me across the room by my face. I let out a scream, thinking he was searing my face, but fortunately it turned out to be the butter that was left on the scraper.

My Rubbermaid Scraper Put An End To This Madness


rubbermaid high heat scraper

The madman had me against the wall, but I was able to leverage the firm nylon handle against the iron to push it away from my face. I could smell burnt butter, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. I could feel the rage build in me and a superhuman strength take over my body.

“You son of a bitch!” I screamed, shoving him with all my might. He went flying off of me and went crashing into my screaming wife, who stopped screaming as they tumbled to the floor. He looked up at me, for the first time with fear in his eyes. My wife said I had a savage, bloodthirsty look on my face. The crazy guy went running for the front window, crashing through it into my well manicured azalea bushes.

My wife began screaming again, for no really good reason if you ask me, since the danger had passed. I calmly walked to the kitchen and dialed 911. My food on the stove was burnt and ruined, and I’d have to start over. Fortunately, the Rubbermaid spatula was still in perfect condition, and since it’s dishwasher safe it was a snap to clean!

Nowadays, whenever I look at that Rubbermaid spatula, I think back to that fateful day. I can’t even saute onions anymore without thinking of how the cops arrested the guy down the street, where he was doing bath salts in the alley behind a liquor store. He was bloody and naked except for my burnt shirt, which I didn’t even see him grab. “I thought dude was cool!” was all he said to them. I most certainly was not cool!

I sometimes wonder how it would have gone down if I wasn’t cooking with that particular Rubbermaid spatula at that moment. Thankfully, I’ll never have to know.

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Ten Things The Best Wooden Spatulas All Have In Common

We live in a world of what can only be described as real life miracles, even in areas as seemingly mundane as the kitchen. For example, I have this gizmo that can reduce a pile of fruit into a delicious fruit-flavored goo in a matter of seconds! Hell, pretty much everyone has a magic box or two in the kitchen that can turn raw meat and vegetables into a steaming feast fit for kings. So why is it that even with all this technology that turns us into domestic gods, people still go back to the old wooden spatula? Here are ten reasons!

oxo wooden spatula video

1. It’s Tough As Nails

I’m not going to lie to you: wood is strong as hell! I mean, look around, there’s a good chance the room you’re sitting in is largely made of wood, and full of things made of wood, too. When you’re cooking with a wooden spatula, you’re cooking with something strong enough to build a house out of.

2. But It’s Soft As Cotton

Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it is soft enough that it’s not going to scratch up and ruin your cookware. It’s really lightweight, too.

3. It Lasts Practically Forever

I have an old wooden spatula my great-grandmother left me. I use it to scoop rice and saute onions, which are a couple things she taught me how to do. She was also a mean, racist old cat lady.

paula deen racist wooden turners

4. It’s Heat Resistant and Doesn’t Conduct Heat, Either

Well, obviously you can set wood on fire, but as long as you’re not a jackass trying to burn your wooden spatula, you’re not going to ruin it on a really hot pan. I had a thrift store spatula once that melted plastic into my food both times I tried to use it, which is complete bullshit. Also, because wood doesn’t conduct heat, you’re not going to burn your hand on the handle.

5. It’s Comfortable

A good wooden spoon is crafted with smooth curves that feel good to hold in your hand. Over time, as it wears, it can gradually shape itself to fit your hand even better. Awesome.

6. It’s Classy As Hell

OMG, for real, just look at this thing. People will see this in the kitchen and know you’re a very tasteful person.

olive wood spatula

7. It Doesn’t React With Foods

As I mentioned in my recent article about stainless steel spatulas, some types of lousy cheap metal spatula can actually react with the acids in certain foods like tomatoes, which ends up making your cooking taste like garbage. Wood doesn’t do that.

8. It Doesn’t Flex

This could be considered a bad thing for cooking certain things, but a lot of the time you want a firmer tool for dealing with thicker treats. Incidentally, that’s what she said. While she was stirring a heavy batter.

cilio olivewood spatula

9. It’s Naturally Non-Stick

Wood is a nice material for spatulas because it doesn’t have a tendency to stick to your foods. This is due to the tight pores of the wood, which also give it natural anti-bacterial properties and make it easy to clean.

10. But It Retains A Little Food Taste, Too

Probably the worst thing about wooden spatulas is the way they retain a little bit of taste from the food you cook with them. This isn’t a big deal for most people, though, and if you’re really worried about it just buy two spatulas. That way you can use one when you’re cooking sweet dishes, and the other when you’re cooking savory ones.

oxo wooden spatula

Those are just ten of probably over nine thousand different features that all the best wooden spatulas have in common. What other benefits can you think of? Are there any disadvantages to using wooden spatulas? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Score Super Sweet Stainless Steel Spatula Savings

good grips stainless steel burger

What if I told you I had a spatula made of a space age alloy that wouldn’t rust, corrode, or stain unless you soaked it in the ocean for a few years? And what if I told you it also wouldn’t react with foods, no matter how acidic, that it wouldn’t warp, and that it would maintain its luxurious shine for the seeable future? Would you suspect that I was from the future? Would you think me a charlatan? Or perhaps you’d believe me, but think such a device would only be for the super rich? Well, my friends, let me tell you about my stainless steel spatula.

Why Stainless Steel Makes A Good Spatula

  • Doesn’t react negatively to food or water
  • Less likely to burn you or your countertops
  • Will stay shiny and new looking for a long time
  • CHEAP!

good grips stainless steel tallRegular steel rusts when it gets wet, which means it’s pretty much a crap material when it comes to cookware. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is actually an alloy that’s at least one tenth chromium, which prevents those annoying chemical reactions from taking place. It’s actually impervious not only to water, but even acidic foods which are the bane of certain types of cookware.

Just because it’s not 100% steel doesn’t mean it isn’t some seriously badass shit, though. Stainless steel is tough, incredibly durable yet with just the right amount of flex to it. If I had to fight a dude with a sword, I’d probably want a sword made of stainless steel, and if I had to make some french toast, I know I’d want a spatula made of the same.

Surprisingly, it’s also a relatively poor conductor, which is why any decent stainless steel pots and pans have copper or aluminum cores. With stainless steel spatulas, however, it’s a nice feature because it means the heat isn’t going to travel up to your hand and burn you, and you’re going to be a lot less likely to burn the countertop when you set it down.

And let’s face it, the powers that be in the world of spatula manufacturing are all about the bottom line. I’ve been trying to get the companies to experiment with more expensive materials, but so far I’ve been met with resistance and at least one restraining order. Anyway, one of the big reasons they use stainless steel is that it’s cheap for them, but it also means it’s cheap for you. Stainless steel spatulas are hella affordable!!

Take This Bad Boy, For Example

This, IMHO, is the best stainless steel spatula on the market. This particular beauty, made by OXO, has literally hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon!

good grips stainless steel side

This sucker is over a foot long, with a 3 and a quarter inch wide slotted head suitable to cooking just about anything your heart can imagine. It’s got a comfortable non-slip yet soft grip and a hole in the end so you can hang it up on the wall when you’re not cooking with it, because this beautiful machine is a real work of art!

good grips stainless steel handle

Care And Feeding Of The Stainless Steel Spatula

You may think that anything made of such an incredible miracle metal would require a phone book-sized  manual on how to take care of it. Hell, I once bought a table with a 40 page manual. But no, all you have to do is throw the thing in the dishwasher. Honestly, you can treat it like a total jerk, barely take care of it, it doesn’t matter because it’s stainless steel.

If anybody ever tries to sell you a stainless steel spatula for some outrageous price, call the police! Those people are trying to scam you! Even though they’re light years ahead of spatulas made of inferior metals, they’re still affordable enough for absolutely everybody. If you’re looking for a space age way to cook your dinner, consider using a stainless steel spatula.

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oxo good grips stainless steel turner

A Good Grill Spatula Will Never Leave You Severely Burned

char-broil tru infrared 3 burner grill

I know that for many people, it’s a little cold out to be doing much grilling, but since my wife ruined my nonstick skillet by using the wrong spatula, I’ve been spending a lot of time out on the patio cooking up meat. One thing I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about is how she’s really ungrateful for a lot of the things I do around here, but another thing I’ve been thinking about is how having the right grill spatula is really important when it comes to not only cooking great food, but also avoiding injury. There are literally millions of ways to burn yourself when you’re making BBQ, but hopefully I can help you avoid at least some of those by helping you choose the best grill spatula for your cooking.

The Hazards Of Using The Wrong BBQ Spatula

Whether you have a gas, charcoal, or some other kind of grill, you’re going to be dealing with some seriously hot temperatures. I’m talking kill-you or scar-you-for-life type temperatures, which is why children should never be allowed to barbecue. It may be delicious, but this shit is dangerous as hell! No joke!

So many things can go wrong if you have some kind of dollar-store cheapo grilling spatula. Sure, you save a few bucks, but what is not being permanently disfigured worth to you? It’s worth a hell of a lot more than a dollar to me, that’s for sure!

oxo barbecue turnerLet’s say you’re using a bargain-bin grill spatula. You have no idea what it’s made of, some kind of metal and plastic or something, who even knows? All the package said was “GRILL SPATALA – GREAT FOR COOK!” with a photo of a guy using a completely different spatula. And you start flipping your burgers and everything is going well until you notice the blade of the spatula is melting into your meat, dripping toxic heavy metal sludge all over something you were planning on feeding your family.

If that’s not bad enough, it gets worse. While you’re thinking, well, I guess it’s macaroni noodles and ketchup again tonight, the poorly insulated handle finally melts through and sears your hand the same way you wanted the grill to sear your burgers.

Is that really what it would take to make you put some thought into what you really need in a bbq spatula?

Learn, Don’t Burn, All About Grill Spatulas

If you’re serious about grilling food and not injuring yourself, you need to look for a few things in a grilling spatula:

  • Long length, to keep your hands away from the deadly hot cooking surfaces
  • A good heat and fire resistant but semi-flexible material, specifically stainless steel, for the flat part
  • A handle made of something easy to grip and also a great insulator; some folks like wood, I like rubber
  • Optionally, a sharp edge so you can cut your meat to test how done it is without taking it off the grill.

Here’s my weapon of choice, the OXO Good Grips Barbecue Turner. It’s got everything I mentioned above.

oxo good grips stainless steel barbecue turner

Well, until I get my replacement nonstick pan I ordered, I’m going to be doing all of my cooking outside. I don’t mind. Grilled meat has been enjoyed by man since homo erectus learned to control fire, and it will be enjoyed by the futuristic superhumans of tomorrow, as well. My wife certainly isn’t complaining about all the barbecue, so maybe this was her plan all along. Or maybe she wanted me to burn myself, but it’s not going to happen because I have the best grill spatula on the market.

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7 and a half inch square end spatula

Five Great Foods That Wouldn’t Exist Without Spatulas

The lowly spatula is something we cook with so often we usually take it entirely for granted. Have you ever considered what you would do in the kitchen if suddenly there were no spatulas? If you give it some thought, you’ll realize that many of the foods we eat on a daily basis wouldn’t even exist because they’d be completely impossible to cook! Here’s a list of just 5 great foods that owe their existence to the spatula.

1. Fried Eggs

greenpan one egg fry pan

It’s a well known fact that fried eggs need to be flipped halfway through cooking in order to come out okay. If you can’t flip them, they end up soggy, gooey, or worse! Before spatulas were invented, most people only ate boiled or scrambled eggs.

Here’s an interesting fact: before spatulas were invented, a style of egg preparation known as “oyster eggs” were fairly popular in certain parts of the United States. Oyster eggs got their name from the fact that since they were fried without flipping, one side was very hard and dry, while the other side was moist and slippery, a lot like an oyster on a half shell!

Needless to say, spatulas revolutionized egg frying, and oyster eggs, which were never terribly popular, went the way of the dodo!

2. Pancakes

OXO pancake spatula

Pancakes, also sometimes called flapjacks, skillet biscuits, or sweet Texas cow pies, were one of the first foods created when chefs were given a new way of turning hot foods while they cooked. Previous attempts had been made to cook cakes and breads in skillets, but since they couldn’t be flipped over or removed from the pan, they always resulted in a half-burnt, half-raw mess.

The earliest known recipe for a pancake comes from an 1896 book, “Modern Recipes for Spatula.” The book is incredibly rare and a first edition copy was recently sold at an auction for nearly $10,000.


oxo good grips silicone cookie spatula

Many people assume cookies have been around forever, but before spatulas were developed, there was no way of getting them off of the pan after baking. This frustrated many experimenting bakers, who would often come up with what seemed to be delicious treats, but which could only be scraped off the pan and eaten one crumbly bite at a time.

In the early 1900’s, when cookies were first introduced, the demand was higher than bakeries could handle. Extremely long lines often formed early in the morning, with people waiting anxiously to try to get their hands on these tasty new treats. There were at least two known cookie riots, one of which resulted in several deaths.

4. Tacos

jokari cocina taco stands

Here’s one I know about all too well. I was staying at a friend’s house, and while she was at work, I set about to cook some tacos. Well, after I had heated up the skillet and tossed the meat in, I realized I had no spatula. I ended up getting second degree burns on my hands just trying to make dinner! As the spicy red grease dripped down my arm, burning me further, I thought, If only I would have had some kind of cooking utensil to make these tacos with!

Speaking of injured hands, did you know that the inventor of the spatula, John Spaduala, had a crippled hand which probably inspired him to create the spatula in the first place? Read all about it in this article on the history of the spatula!

5. Hamburgers

norpro 3404 square wax papers

Burgers are so easy to make that most people don’t give it a second though. Take some ground beef, make it into a patty, and throw it on the grill. That’s it, right? Oh wait, you need a spatula to flip it and to smash it flat against your grill or skillet!

It’s amazing what a flat piece of metal or plastic can do to make cooking easier! Before there were spatulas, the only way to prepare ground beef was in a crumbled-up form, like in spaghetti sauce or sloppy joes. Hamburgers are ubiquities nowadays, and they owe it all to that simple cooking utensil!

Those are just five of the countless foods that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy if it weren’t for spatulas. What other ones can you think of? Be sure to leave a comment below with your answers!

CAUTION! Use The Right Kind Of Spatula On A Nonstick Skillet

10 inch stainless steel earth pan

Do you use a nonstick skillet? I love them, honestly. I feel like cast iron pans are too much extra work to take care of, and nothing can compare to the way food slides around a pan coated with some kind of nearly-magical nonstick material. Up until this morning I had a really nice one I bought at the flea market less than a year ago, but somebody used the wrong kind of spatula on it this morning and scratched the hell out of it. I’m pretty sure she did it on purpose, but I don’t care because now I have an excuse to buy this Cuisinart Stainless Nonstick 12-Inch Skillet. So it looks like I win, huh?


For The Love Of God, Use A Silicone Spatula!

I know she’s not going to read this, because she doesn’t care about my love for spatulas (and that’s fine with me), but at least you’re reading, so you can avoid doing what she did and destroying a perfectly good non stick pan by using a metal spatula. Even though you already know that, because I’ve said it like a million times.

And sure, you can keep using a scratched up spatula, but are you sure you want whatever mystery chemicals are in the coating getting into your food? Does that sound appetizing to you? Eating poison leached into your food by your carelessness? Or was it spite?

Anyway, maybe I’ll just keep cooking with the stupid skillet. Maybe that’s what she wants. Who knows what she ever wants though, really. Anyway, THIS RIGHT HERE IS THE SPATULA YOU NEED TO USE FOR THIS JOB!!!!!

OXO Good Grips Silicone Flexible Turner

Using A Metal Spatula In A Nonstick Pan Is Stupid

There, I said it. It’s a stupid thing to do, especially since I’ve told you that not only is it just not the right spatula to use for cooking eggs, it will actually scratch up the nonstick coating and release poison into our damn food. Do you want to feed your family poison? I don’t.

If you don’t want to poison your family, use a silicone spatula whenever you use a nonstick skillet. Even if it doesn’t contain poison, it will scratch the coating off and the pan will lose its ability to mystically repel foods, which is the whole reason you bought it in the first place.


John Spaduala: Inventor of the Spatula

John Spaduala, inventor of the spatula, circa 1890.

John Spaduala, inventor of the spatula, circa 1890.

It’s easy to take the spatula for granted. It sits in the kitchen, unassuming, just another tool among the spoons, knives, pots and pans and a wide assortment of varied implements. Few people know much about its history, and even fewer the name of its inventor. But think about it: if there were no spatulas, cooking as we know it would be fundamentally different and many of our favorite dishes wouldn’t even exist! It’s a device we bust out nearly every time we want to cook something, so let’s take a minute to recognize John Spadula, inventor of the spatula.

Early Life

Little is known about Spaduala’s early years. Even his country of origin and year of birth are disputed. Spaduala would alternately claim his parents came to America in the 1860’s from France or Italy, though people who encountered him said he had an ambiguously Eastern European accent, which he never lost even into his later years. Towards the end of his life, he often claimed to have actually been from Poland, but whether or not this was true is the subject of much dispute among historians.

In the late 1880’s, Spaduala was a young man working in New York as a chef’s apprentice. It was during this time that he met his future wife, Ethel, and began developing new kitchen implements in order to cook large amounts of food quickly and efficiently.

The chef he worked under, Hans Krugar, was said to have been a savage man of cruel disposition and quick to anger. On one occasion, when Spaduala had failed to add a sufficient amount of beets to a stew, Krugar slammed his right hand under a heavy pot lid. Spaduala lost entirely the use of his pinky finger, and his middle and ring fingers were broken, healing in a palsied and deformed claw that for the remainder of his life he would attempt to hide in shame. When not in use, he would have his hand in his pocket.

Some credit the injury to his hand with giving John the inspiration for inventing the spatula, since it had been his dominant hand and now its use was severely limited, forcing him to find other methods of cooking things. The quote “Necessity is the mother of invention” is often attributed to Spaduala.

First Inventions

The first known kitchen tool Spaduala came up with was little more than a stick with several rows of nails impaled through it which he would use to scramble dozens of eggs at a time during the breakfast rush. Other early inventions include a mutli-bladed cleaver for finely chopping things and an implement for quickly skinning rats, which Krugar would pass off for other types of meat, depending on the dish.

Spaduala kept no records of his early inventions, but historians believe he probably experimented with many different designs for tools, most of which were failures. His forearms were deeply scarred, and most scholars believe this was from years spent trying to develop a utensil that was a fork on one end and a knife on the other.

Invention of the Spatula

Because his crippled hand made it difficult to butter toast in the typical manner, especially when trying to prepare tens or even hundreds of slices, Spaduala had no choice but to improvise. At first he would use the flat of his hand, and later a short board. He later would use a flexible piece of wood that he had sanded very thin and smooth. Eventually he would attach a beef rib as a handle, creating the first known spatula, or “Spaduala tool” as it became known in the restaurant kitchen.

The spaduala tool was the first of his many inventions that became widely adopted in the kitchen where he worked, encouraging Spaduala to further refine his creation. He first replaced the rib bone with a wood handle, improving the grip, and then he replaced the flexible piece of wood with a sheet of flat metal.

Spread Of The Spatula

By this point, word had spread among the kitchen workers of the city about this new device that simplified the cooking of many dishes and made untold more possible. Soon vendors were hawking their homemade spatulas in the streets, promising a new day of cooking simplicity. It was during this time that cookies were invented, since before this it was impossible to remove them from the pan.

In 1887, the first mass-made commercially available spatula was a metal spatula made by the The New York Spatula Company. While it still bore his name, though in a corrupted form, Spaduala received no money from the company, which would become the subject of a legal struggle that would last for years.

Spaduala’s Spatula Lawsuit and Aftermath

In February, 1888, Spaduala attempted to sue The New York Spatula Company, saying they appropriated his design. Further complicating the matter was the fact that his employer, Hans Krugar, was also claiming the spatula as his invention.

The case lasted 7 years, and The New York Spatula Company eventually won, claiming Spaduala was simply attempting to cash in on the similarity between his name and that of the device. By that point Krugar’s credibility had long since been destroyed by his frequent outbursts in court.

In the ensuing years, Spaduala would attempt to recreate the success of his invention, this time filing patents for each of them. He had hundreds of patents on file, but for the most part none of them improved upon already established kitchen implements. Many were outright useless or served purposes nobody needed, as illustrated by his 1901 patent for a device called a Sandwich Smasher.

He would continue to work on these inventions until he died in obscurity of consumption in 1909. His wife had left him 11 years prior for Hans Kruger, who also fired him.

Historical Controversy

In 2006, a paper published in The Journal of American History entitled “John Spaduala: Forgotten Genius or Fraud” made waves among both the historical and culinary communities. In it, Keith Manangena argues that Spaduala had no part in inventing the spatula and was indeed trying to exploit the coincidence of his name being close to that of the utensil.

Manangena’s hypothesis is based on the fact that little is known of Spaduala’s early life, and reports that in the years preceding his arrival in Krugar’s restaurant, a traveling carnival freak show performer called Crab Boy, with a deformed right hand, conned people out of hundreds or thousands of dollars in several different states as the carnival passed through town.

Naturally, this is the subject of a fierce debate within the historical community.

Spatulas Today

In the roughly 130 years since its invention, the Spaduala Tool has evolved into many different varieties of modern spatulas. From the common basic rubber spatula to the more job-specific fish spatula to variations like the spoonula, spatulas have come a long way from the simple cow rib and board design of the original, and fill a vital place in our kitchens. The next time you use one, don’t forget to thank John Spaduala for his contribution to the modern culinary arts.

Spatulas have come a really long way in all these years. Now that you know the lowly beginnings of the spatula, see what comes next- CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FUTURISTIC SPATULA OF TOMORROW!!!!

Icing Spatula Shootout: The Top Two Compared

oxo offset spatula plated

I have to admit, I’m not much of a baker, so when a co-worker who recently asked me who makes the best icing spatula (also called an offset spatula or frosting spatula), I realized there was a gap in my knowledge. I honestly didn’t know at that point specifically which spatula would be ideal for icing cakes, so I decided to find out.

Click HERE to skip straight to my final choice for the best icing spatula on the market!

What Makes For A Proper Frosting Spatula?

Some call it an icing spatula, others an offset spatula or a frosting spatula. Two of these names tell you roughly what they’re usually used for, but they don’t really tell you what makes them different from a regular metal spatula. The other name gives you a clue about its design.

When it’s referred to as an offset spatula, it’s easy to get an idea of what it might look like. For this type of spatula, the long, thin, and unsharpened blade is offset almost immediately after the grabbing-end of the handle.

This type of design makes it easy to slip the spatula under things like cookies and cakes without getting pieces stuck to the baking pan. Also, as the name implies, it helps you quickly and easily frost things like cakes.

In this comparison I’ll be looking at the OXO Good Grips Bent Icing Knife, as well as the Wilton Angled Icing Spatula. These are the top two frosting spatulas on the market. (Note: if you’re looking for a miniature version of one of these mainly for frosting little things like cupcakes, I recommend the Ateco 4.25 Inch one.)

Both of these high quality kitchen tools have the same basic design: an offset, unsharpened stainless steel blade attached to a nonslip, easy-to-grip handle. To compare them, I’ll focus on their differences.

wilton angled icing spatula

Round One: Price

If you read this site a lot you know I’m a fan of OXO for their high build quality and cheap prices, and the Icing Spatula is no exception. It’s available for a few bucks less than the Wilton.

Winner: OXO

Round Two: Sturdiness and Flexibility

It’s hard to know how to judge this one, exactly. Both are made of high quality stainless steel. The OXO was a little more flexible, but this made it hard to lift larger things. I’m not sure I’d try to lift a whole cake with either one, but I’d definitely trust the Wilton with more weight than the OXO. The flexibility of the OXO also makes it hard to apply thicker frostings, so while it’s a close one, I’m going to give it to the Wilton for living up to the name “icing spatula”.

Winner: Wilton

Round Three: Length

If you’re working with a cake, you want a spatula long enough to get all the way under it when you’re trying to detach it from the pan. A longer blade also makes it a little easier to put on a lot of frosting at one time. There’s no question about which spatula wins this round- the Wilton is about half an inch longer.

Winner: Wilton

Final Winner: The Wilton Angled Icing Spatula

There you have it! They’re the best offset spatulas on the market now, and although they’re very similar, the Wilton represents a better value for your money. You can save a couple bucks if you buy the runner up Oxo Good Grips Bent Icing Knife (it’s particularly cheap at Amazon), but ultimately the Wilton frosting spatula is going to serve you better.

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