Finding The Right Scraper Spatula Or Spoonula: 3 Great Options

Thinking back to Mrs. Dimitrius’s cooking class in 7th grade, I have to admit: she changed the way I thought about spatulas.  Well, really, she changed what I thought of  as spatulas.  I used to think only the turner types, like I talked about in my rubber spatula article, were the only things known by this name.  Of course this is totally wrong.

If you actually do a search for spatula, the first thing that comes up is often the scraper type, sometimes called spoon spatulas or spoonulas, though these are even more specific sub-types.  These are used for, well, scraping, for one thing, getting the last bit of sauce out of the jar, or applying frosting to cakes.

Now, admittedly, I use this far, far less often than the turner type, which I use pretty much every time I cook.  Still, if you do a fair amount of cooking, you probably need yourself a good scraper, or maybe a few, since they tend to come in cheap sets.  Here are some good scraper options for the typical home cook.

(Confused? Read my article on Types of Spatulas.)

Scrapers That Will Last A While

The Wilton Easy Flex 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set, pictured here in a lovely blue, is a great option for the average home cook.  It’s VALUE PRICED IN THE TEN DOLLAR RANGE, and you get a small jar spatula, your standard scraper spatula, and your spoonula (or spoon spatula).  They’re comfortable and made of silicone, which makes them heat resistant and durable.

I had this set for about a year before I started seeing little cracks on the edges.  They’re still usable, for sure, and I probably do more cooking than the average person, so most people will be fine with these, and they will last for years.

Being the cooking enthusiast and spatula fanatic that I am, I naturally wanted another set.  So here’s the set I recommend for people that want some really, really, ridiculously good spatulas…

Scraper Spatulas To Use Every Single Day

These are the Oxo Good Grips 3-piece Silicone Spatula Set, which I highly recommend for anyone serious about cooking.  They’re inexpensive, costing ever-so-slightly more than the cheapos listed above!  This is a totally solid value on some spatulas that are going to last you a good, long time.

I’ve mentioned the OXO brand before, and I really like their cooking products. They’re well made, durable and comfortable, and most importantly, very useful.  I rank them above the bigger names like the Rachel Ray cookware (I’m absolutely convinced you’re largely paying for her name with these) and the QVC spatulas you see for sale.

But what if you don’t do a ton of cooking and you just want something really cheap?  Like, reaallly cheap?  Well, I found some good ones for that, too.

Decent Cheapo Scrapers, Too

These bad boys are the Good Cook Classic Set of 2 Spatulas, which will COST YOU SO LITTLE THEY’RE PRACTICALLY FREE, which is a mighty fine deal on spatulas. They won’t last you forever, but if you don’t do a lot of cooking, they’ll come pretty damn close.  You don’t get the spoon spatula with this set, though, which may make spending a few more dollars on the Wilton set a good option for a lot of people.

Hopefully this has been helpful for anyone looking to get themselves a good scraper spatula (or three). If you only have one scraper type, and then you get one of these sets I’ve mentioned, you may come to realize just how convenient it is to have specific types of scrapers, like the spoonula or jar spatula.

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