Ten Things The Best Wooden Spatulas All Have In Common

We live in a world of what can only be described as real life miracles, even in areas as seemingly mundane as the kitchen. For example, I have this gizmo that can reduce a pile of fruit into a delicious fruit-flavored goo in a matter of seconds! Hell, pretty much everyone has a magic box or two in the kitchen that can turn raw meat and vegetables into a steaming feast fit for kings. So why is it that even with all this technology that turns us into domestic gods, people still go back to the old wooden spatula? Here are ten reasons!

oxo wooden spatula video

1. It’s Tough As Nails

I’m not going to lie to you: wood is strong as hell! I mean, look around, there’s a good chance the room you’re sitting in is largely made of wood, and full of things made of wood, too. When you’re cooking with a wooden spatula, you’re cooking with something strong enough to build a house out of.

2. But It’s Soft As Cotton

Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it is soft enough that it’s not going to scratch up and ruin your cookware. It’s really lightweight, too.

3. It Lasts Practically Forever

I have an old wooden spatula my great-grandmother left me. I use it to scoop rice and saute onions, which are a couple things she taught me how to do. She was also a mean, racist old cat lady.

paula deen racist wooden turners

4. It’s Heat Resistant and Doesn’t Conduct Heat, Either

Well, obviously you can set wood on fire, but as long as you’re not a jackass trying to burn your wooden spatula, you’re not going to ruin it on a really hot pan. I had a thrift store spatula once that melted plastic into my food both times I tried to use it, which is complete bullshit. Also, because wood doesn’t conduct heat, you’re not going to burn your hand on the handle.

5. It’s Comfortable

A good wooden spoon is crafted with smooth curves that feel good to hold in your hand. Over time, as it wears, it can gradually shape itself to fit your hand even better. Awesome.

6. It’s Classy As Hell

OMG, for real, just look at this thing. People will see this in the kitchen and know you’re a very tasteful person.

olive wood spatula

7. It Doesn’t React With Foods

As I mentioned in my recent article about stainless steel spatulas, some types of lousy cheap metal spatula can actually react with the acids in certain foods like tomatoes, which ends up making your cooking taste like garbage. Wood doesn’t do that.

8. It Doesn’t Flex

This could be considered a bad thing for cooking certain things, but a lot of the time you want a firmer tool for dealing with thicker treats. Incidentally, that’s what she said. While she was stirring a heavy batter.

cilio olivewood spatula

9. It’s Naturally Non-Stick

Wood is a nice material for spatulas because it doesn’t have a tendency to stick to your foods. This is due to the tight pores of the wood, which also give it natural anti-bacterial properties and make it easy to clean.

10. But It Retains A Little Food Taste, Too

Probably the worst thing about wooden spatulas is the way they retain a little bit of taste from the food you cook with them. This isn’t a big deal for most people, though, and if you’re really worried about it just buy two spatulas. That way you can use one when you’re cooking sweet dishes, and the other when you’re cooking savory ones.

oxo wooden spatula

Those are just ten of probably over nine thousand different features that all the best wooden spatulas have in common. What other benefits can you think of? Are there any disadvantages to using wooden spatulas? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

One thought on “Ten Things The Best Wooden Spatulas All Have In Common

  1. I LOVE wood spatulas. I have a really special one that is worn down so it fits the contour of my ice cream bowl. A chunk has broken off the end, but that makes it even better when I make my ice cream. I’m glad there’s someone else in the world who might understand my love of this spatula. Here it is in use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAwLYGDBG3Y

    Anyway, to answer your question about other benefits of wood spatulas. Here are some I can think of:
    1. You can compost them when they break, or use them for firewood.
    2. If a corner chips, you can cut it down and continue to use it.
    3. My parents used to spank me with one.
    4. It’s strong enough to make ice cream, but gentle enough not to take metal off the side of the ice cream freezer bowl (like in my video above).
    5. It’s made of a renewable resource, so it’s environmentally friendly.
    6. The color doesn’t get outdated, so it will always look good in your kitchen.

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