Why Spatulas?

As I began building this site, my wife kept asking me why.  Why was I going to devote my valuable time and energy to a site absolutely dedicated to spatulas?  “It seems like a trivial thing to build a site around,” she told me.

But let me ask you this: when you cook, how often do you use a spatula?

Spatulas are our hands when we don’t want to reach into a hot pan to stir our stir-fries, flip our pancakes, or scramble our eggs.  They are extensions of our body that allow us to serve ludicrously hot food straight out of the oven without harm.  They are the tools we need to mix, to stir, and to apply frostings and sauces without getting ourselves all filthy with delicious, nourishing sustenance.

Can you really call a spatula “a trivial thing”?

They are, without a doubt, one of the most important tools in our war against bad cooking, and with it, bad food.  With the right spatula at your disposal, you can cook damn near anything.

Frankly, I can’t believe nobody has really tried to build a good site on the matter until now.

That said, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that a big part of my inspiration for all of this, and the seed of my love affair with the most vital of cooking implements was a film from my childhood.

In the film UHF, starring longtime pop-parody superstar “Weird Al” Yankovic, there is a commercial for a store called Spatula City.  They sell nothing but turner-type spatulas, and encourage such things as giving the gift of a spatula to express your undying love.

It’s all a big gag, yeah, but I think that underneath the comedy lies an important truth: life without spatulas would be very different, some would say terrible.  How long do you think you could go without one?

On this site, I hope to present you with all the best information, articles and pictures of these incredible devices, as well as the best prices you can find on the web or anywhere in the world.

Stay tuned. Keep checking the site, because I intend to add a ton of content related to this simple but absolutely vital kitchen tool.

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